10 best beaches around and in Pula


Pula's dream beaches turn the charming port city into one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Many connoisseurs would even rank this numerous beautiful bay among the most beautiful in Istria, so you can find a number of incredibly spectacular beaches in the region.

Magnificent pebble coves, hidden idyllic natural beaches, well-kept stone beaches, small sandy beaches and quiet nudist coves - there is definitely something for everyone here. But what are the best places for a relaxing day on the beach by the sea and where can you find the right tips for the most beautiful beaches around Pula?

 In this article, we mention the ultimate best beaches in Pula.

 1.Beach Histria-One of the top beach in the vicinity of Pula is the beach Histria, which is located south of the city on the Verudela peninsula. If you want, you can rent an umbrella and a deck chair on the beach, but the pine trees at the end of the bay offer beautiful shade on hot summer days. You can find many sports facilities, including tennis, mini golf, table tennis and golf!

2. Premantura Beach, Cape Kamenjak - The beaches of the Cape Kamenjak Nature Park are an unavoidable experience when you are near Pula. The sky blue sea of ​​supreme purity and rich fauna are a combination that leaves no one indifferent.

3. Hawaii Beach-For many the most beautiful beach in Pula. Here while swimming you get a real Caribbean feeling - the sea shines in the most beautiful turquoise blue colors and is also crystal clear, which is ideal for diving. The beach in Hawaii is a white pebble bay with round stones, the beach gently slopes into the sea and is surrounded by extremely beautiful rocks.  

4. Ambrela Beach - Another very popular beach on the Verudela peninsula near Pula. The sea here shines in picturesque blue tones and is also crystal clear and pure. Don’t forget the goggles, this bay is ideal for diving! Refreshments and snacks are available at the beach bars located just above the beach. 

5. Citinera Beach - Idyllic Centinera Beach is located in Banjole, near Pula. At the edge of the bay it becomes increasingly rocky, and the pine forest provides cool shade for hot days. In summer, an aqua park inflates the sea, offering a lot of action and fun for young and old.

6. Kuje Bay - Great for families with children. The beach is surrounded by spacious lawns and some shady trees perfect for relaxation, beach bar, patisserie and big parking for vehicles.

7.Batana Beach- Bay is excellent and popular for the younger population within the famous beach bar. With a beautiful view of the Verduel Peninsula, this beach has everything you need to enjoy the summer. 

8. Lighthouse Beach- Quiet, slightly wild beach with amazing cliffs and clear sea. The beach is not popular, and not many people know about it, so it guarantees you peace, relaxation and enjoyment of summer days. 

9. Gortanova bay -Gortanova Uvala, is high on the list of the best beaches in Pula. The picturesque bay is located directly on the waterfront, Lungomare, and can be reached from the Valkane district by bike or comfortably by car. Right behind the beach there is a nice little beach bar that offers refreshments and snacks. 

 10. Valkane Beach - Pula's Valkane city beach is very popular with the locals. Beach is proudly crowned with Blue Flag, a symbol of top water quality. With its concrete and gravel sections, this beach is great for enjoying the sun. 

Don’t forget to take a picture of each of the places you’ve visited and make sure you share your impressions with us in the comments.


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Lighthouse Beach was an oasis of peace and tranquility, i was able to meditate about my life and even rekindle my love with my fiance.Thanks to Kuje Bay for the spacious parking lot for vehicles and the spacious lawns that we relaxed at during the summer. Thanks for the good guide, it was a great vacation for me.
Touring the underwater world with the diverse equipment provided in Histria Beach was a breathtaking experience. The guide was helpful in explaining the various activities that could be done in such adventures and I had the best summer vacation courtesy of this experience.
The guide was helpful in helping me discover the hidden islets, bays, and beaches in Cape Kamenjak. My brother and I explored these untouched beauties and enjoyed the clear waters. I will bring some of my cousins on my next visit.
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I loved the descriptions of the beaches on the guide. They were so vivid. It included all the information. It really helped me to decide which beaches were perfect for a family picnic with kids. The beaches were lovely. I made awesome memories thanks to the guide
Much thanks to this amazing guide. During our 2-day visit with my husband, we visited citinera beach which was an amazing experience. We also had fun playing golf and tennis on the beaches.