Stoja Beach


Stoja Beach is a pebble beach with rocky parts and gentle access to the sea, which is clean, warm and of top purity. A little above the beach you will find a camp where you have a variety of facilities such as rental of sports equipment or terrain. There is also a restaurant, coffee bar and shop here.


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(4 reviews)
I loved swimming in the sea because how warm and clean the water was. The pebbles on the foot walk were also very beautiful and arranged in different patterns to give the place some elegance. It is definitely a go-to place.
The location of the beach and the terrain around was very beautiful accompanied by the well-arranged pebbles. The coffee bar in the nearby had the best cocktails served by a master of mixing them. The food was also delicious.
We had a very good time here last summer. The restaurants here prepare very delicious meals. There are pebbles that make the beach look so beautiful. We had a lot of fun.
very good!!!
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