Gortanova bay


The beach is named after Vladimir Gortan, who was shot during the liberation where the monument of the same name is located. The whole bay is covered with a beautiful pine forest that provides all-day shade to the beach which is visited by more and more tourists.

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The beach has lots of tourists who find it amazing. The natural shade provided by the pine forests surrounding the beach just make the place even more breathtaking. for lovers of history, you are able to view the monument of Vladimir Gortan. Fun fact: the beach was named after him.
Scenic views of the sea with the bay covered with pine forest that provides shade all through at the beach. We enjoyed the warm temperatures as we went swimming at the sea and had a great time for our holidays with my friend. The beach was crowded and was destination for many people.
I was on a business trip in this place and the cafes was an important meeting point with new business people and we also held our meetings here. The coffee from the cafe makes you feel alive and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. I would recommend this place to anyone.
The pine forest gives the beach a beautiful scene from its greenness and the lovely shade it provides where one can relax after sunbathing. The ends of the bay that acts as wind breakers. I had a great time.
The beautiful pine forest covered bay provided a good natural shade after a warm swim in the sea. While here do not forget to visit the pride of Pula; the magnificent Archaeological Museum.
very good!!!
Exceptional beach and lovely bay that we visited for a vacation with my family and we loved the dazzling waters as we went swimming and it was amazing.
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