Valkane Beach


Today, the Valkane Beach is a well-kept bay with sports facilities such as tennis courts and beach volleyball, and a swimming pool for swimmers. The first foundations of the beach were laid by the once rich Pula family Lombardo for the needs of Austrian military officers. The beach itself can accommodate a large number of visitors to its cafes and beach bars.

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public beach



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Lungomare, 52100, Pula


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The beach was spacious to accomodate a large number of visitors. We bought fast food at the cafes and it was served very fast on an order. The cafe attendants were pleasant to us.
Large crowd at the beach was the picture that caught our eye when we visited the beach. The courts provided the best opportunity for having fun and we loved playing with other people. The restaurants and the beach bar offered some delicacies and drinks too.
It was delighting to swim with my fiancee in the warm water of the clean swimming pool. We took refreshments as we rested on the sunbeds beside the pool. We had a good time with my fiancee rekindling our love.
It is a well kept beach with sports facilities. It has a number of cafes and restaurants which can accomodate a number of visitors. There ae pools for swimmers and even tennis and volleyball courts.
I enjoyed bike riding at the landscaped bike paths and beautiful promenades in the city with my siblings. Later on we went for a swim at the swimming pool and enjoyed delicious food and drinks at the beach bars and cafes.
very good!!!
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