Seagull rocks


They used to be the westernmost beach in Pula, where you could swim right next to the fence that prevented entry into the former barracks on Muzil, today the beach is open and arranged. Numerous rocks jutting out of the sea, and shoals that are almost non-existent, provide enough fun and adrenaline for fans of diving from great heights.

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public beach



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Fižela, 52100, Pula


(6 reviews)
For a fan of diving this has to be the perfect beach! The rocks jutting from the ocean are perfect for diving ad also taking pictures. Adrenaline junkies would wish they lived here. The trees surrounding the place also provide a bit of a shade and the place is not crowded so it is fun and ideal for groupie vacations.
I love diving there is an adrenaline rush that comes with diving into the sea or ocean. My friends enjoyed diving from great heights the beach provided on the numerous rocks jetting out of the sea.
I love diving and the clear blue seas made my way through it. numerous rocks which are of different colours kept the place beautiful. I was delighted being here.
I had a great chance swimming and playing with water like fish. The beach is organized in that you can go to any place due to the guide given. it was great having fun.
Thrilling experience at the beautiful beach as we went swimming with my friends for the summer vacation. It was remarkable and we enjoyed every bit of time at the rocky beach.
very good!!!
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