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Batana Beach is a small pebble beach that owes its name to the nearby Batana Beach Bar. On the edge of the bay, on the stone coast, there are other quiet bathing spots and the long jetty also invites you to jump into the sea. While sunbathing, you can enjoy a wonderful backdrop with a view of the passing sailing boats and the Verudela peninsula on the opposite side. This trendy beach is particularly popular for a young audience. The motto here is to see and to be seen! In any case, you should pay a visit to the cool beach bar, which attracts people with delicious drinks and a unique atmosphere! 

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As a youngstar, this was the place to be, we walked head him to be seen as we admired the stunning beauty of this beach. The cool bars around the beach had enough refreshments for me and my friends . Highly recommended to everyone
Sampling the best dishes and drinks with my girlfriend was the best thing for our visit but it was topped with a cruise across the sea that was fun. The pebble beach was ideal for sunbathing and we had a swim at the sea with the hot temperatures great for the swim.
While sunbathing I enjoyed a wonderful backdrop with a view of the passing sailing boats. We toured the other quiet bathing spots where we enjoyed peace and tranquility. It was heavenly to dive into the water by jet skiing.
I found the motto of the place quite exciting since the beach is quite a popular place for he young people. So when you come here be sure to see and be seen! Diving into the sea at the long jetty was a must try for me. Enjoy the cool beach bars and the unique atmosphere.
This beach was so cool! The pebbles looked so beautiful and the stone bay at the coast made it even more inviting. The place is crowded but there are other places on the beach where you can go and sunbathe and have some quiet time. You can also jump into the sea from the jetty. The sailing boats here offer for a beautiful backdrop. The beach bar has a unique atmosphere and attracts lots of people because of the delicious foods served and the cool and colorful refreshments.
I visited the beach with a group of my fellow classmates during the summer vacation and I would say it was worth it as the experience from the pebbles around the beach was quite mesmerizing and cool bars along the beach for some refreshments.
Batana beach is a place of cool breeze and full of peace. The air around is fresh. The beach is tidy with beautiful pebbles for a spectacular sunbathing experience. I would most definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone
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