Brijuni national park


Brijuni is a national park with 3 islands that have been called paradise on Earth since historical days. The island can be reached by boats from several locations in Istria as part of organized tours or independently. On Brijuni there is a site of historic, Roman and Byzantine buildings. A state residence was built in the former Yugoslavia, which still serves today to receive foreign delegations, and a museum about Josip Broz Tito, the former president of the SFRY, who had a residence there on the Brijuni Islands, is also nearby. In 1983 was declared a national park because of the preserved and rich flora and fauna that can be seen from tourist trains or other vehicles, which you can rent on the islands.
The cockatoo Koki is interesting, who was Tito's favorite and can still delight tourists with his stories, because he knows how to answer some questions.

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