Trstenik is a village located on the Peljeshac peninsula. The village is located in a deep bay facing south under the high Peljeshac hills, with a large pebble beach at the bottom of the bay. The bay is an anchorage because it has a well-protected pier, although it is not recommended in times of south wind called Jugo. Due to its unique beautiful and untouched position, it is considered one of the most beautiful villages on the Croatian coast. The sea here is crystal clear and rich in underwater life. Numerous small coves and beaches that can only be accessed by boat are in the immediate vicinity.

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very good!!!
I had an awesome experience at the spa with well maintained beutiful place that is relaxing and family accommodative and gives the break that you need from the normal routine.
Beautiful scenery at the parks that gives the calmness and very kids friendly and they got the chance to play and enjoy themselves.
Had a great experience at the wineries and vineyard since i witnessed the wine making processed and tasted some of the sweet wine produced.
Enjoyable time while playing tennis in the open with the warm temperatures and the condusive space.
Beautiful architectural building in the place that are awesome places to visit and have fun with the eye catching structures.
Rich historical background that dates back to the past years with catchy stories that gets intrested of the amazing wonmders of the place. A visit to the historical sites is one of the best things to do.