Sreser is a small private tourist resort on the Peljeshac peninsula perfect if you want a break from reality. The place is characterized by beautiful crystal clear sea, expanses of greenery and the smell of the Mediterranean in the air.

№174 in Cities of Croatia

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very good!!!
The sea here was crystal clear and welcoming. I could not resist the urge to swim in the clear warm waters. I enjoyed this activity until later in the afternoon when I took a long stroll while taking in the sweet smell of the salty water. The vegetation and beautiful flowers made me feel at ease and relaxed. I made new friends who showed me to the best restaurant for a deliciously satisfying meal.
The resort was very spectacular and captivating. I really loved the boat ride in the waters, it did not have a lot of people i had the time to enjoy every single thing without disturbance, the photography scene was also amazing
I attended an engagement party that was on held in a yacht and the experience was like no other. From the sea the view of the resort especially for its greenery was something to marvel at. The warm air in the atmosphere was very welcoming.
The private resort provided a sense of privacy from the public for me as an actor . The clear crystal sea added a beautiful scene to the private resort and the view of the sea is magnificent. I really loved Sreser.
Its waters are so clear. The view of the sunset from this village was spectacular. The boat ride was amazing. This village is absolutely amazing. I loved every moment I spent in this village. The people were so friendly.
This place is really luxurious. The view of the sea during sunset was magical and breathtaking. I loved every moment I spent here. Canoeing on its waters was such a memorable moment.