Brijesta is a small place on the Peljeshac peninsula. Surrounded by greenery on one side, clear sea on the other side, this small village offers quality accommodation and a campsite. Suitable for visitors looking to stay in nature. Here you will surely rest your soul and body and recharge your batteries.

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very good!!!
I loved the quietness of this place. The beautiful surroundings full of well-kept gardens were relaxing. I enjoyed some alone time sitting on the bench and later I walked to town for lunch and shopping. It was great being here.
I walked to the top of the hill so that i could get a clear glimpse of the village below and the small islands in the sea, and i was very relaxed after that. It really felt like therapy for me and i thanked myself for doing so
The village is located in the outskirts of the town which makes it ideal for someone who wants to tour a cool and quiet place. The accommodation in Brijesta is very much affordable which made me love the place even more;the rooms are clean, neat and spacious . It's now among the places in my list that I have to visit every year.
The view at this place is amazing and captivating for its green nature . I loved watching the view of the sea especially when the sun was setting, a lovely and beautiful view.I had a really good time here.
This village is the perfect camping site. It is surrounded with immense nature. With different species of plants and the sea, Its air is so fresh. Its environment is so calm and serene. I loved tis village. Its natural beauty was fascinating.
The natural beauty of this place is still intact. It offers a great opportunity to break from the busy normal life. One can enjoy a view of the sea or just take a nature walk. It is a suitable camping site.