Brijesta is a small place on the Peljeshac peninsula. Surrounded by greenery on one side, clear sea on the other side, this small village offers quality accommodation and a campsite. Suitable for visitors looking to stay in nature. Here you will surely rest your soul and body and recharge your batteries.

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very good!!!
This was place away from the busy town was a perfect spot to rest my soul and body as i recharged. The accomodation rooms here are very clean and neat and are spacious to accomodate a large number of people and are also fitted with air conditioners . The scenic beauty of nature is glorified by the greenery, and beautiful views of the sea.
I would recommend this place for a campic experience. Its vegetation has not been tampered with. It is a place to just relax. The view is wonderful. The view of the clear sea was epic.
Relaxing place that we visited with beautiful nature and glamorous vegetation that is amusing. The accommodation at the place was exquisite with lovely facilities that are comfortable and a perfect place that i refreshed myself and recharged fully.
My friends and I visited this place and were captivated by its beauty. We had a lot of fun and we also camped there. The breeze of the sea is also cool.