Komarna (Klek)


Komarna is a small, once fishing village, located along the Adriatic highway, 7 km south of the Neretva River. If you are tired of the crowds and want to escape from the fast city life, Komarna is an ideal place for you because you will find peace and beauty of the landscape The combination of river and sea will make your stay unforgettable.From any point in Komarna there is a beautiful view of the reefs, cliffs and small islands near the Peljeshac peninsula.Komarna has many sandy beaches, the most famous of which are the beach Villa Dorida, the beach Bay and Komarna beach.
In Klek, located 3 km south of Komarna, you can find more tourist facilities such as restaurants, cafes and shops. While in Komarna, you can visit the historical heritage of the area such as: Narona Archaeological Museum (located in Vid and the only museum in Croatia), ornithological collection (located in Metkovich and one of the richest collections in Europe, contains over 340 stuffed birds that were or are still present in the Neretva Valley)

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Komarna (Klek)
5.0 (1 review)
Komarna (Klek)
4.0 (1 review)

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very good!!!
This was the perfect spot to escape the bustle of the busy city, the beauty of the landscape served as an oasis of peace and tranquility. From Kormana, the view of the reefs, cliffs and small islands are beautiful and panoramic. It was thrilling to walk barefoot on the sandy beaches.
This town is so ideal for escaping a busy noisy life. It is a fishing village next to the Adriatic sea. The reef and cliffs were spectacular. I enjoyed my weekend stay in this town. I also visited the Narona Museum the ornithological collection centre had a wide variety of birds. It was educative
The History of the village is rich and interesting to learn about. We had the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum and the ornithological collection at the place and it was spectacular. A Lot of great things to witness and learn about at the place. Wonderful time too.
We had fun walking on the sandy beaches and the breeze from the sea was so cool. The place also has beautiful view of the cliffs and the islands.