Zuljana is a small fishing village located on the Peljeshac peninsula. Due to its size, Zuljana is very rich in tourist offer, so diving tourism, which develops from year to year, and viticulture dominate here, as it is located not far from the famous Dingach vineyards. Those who come to Zhuljan for the first time, and especially from the sea by boat, will be amazed by its natural diversity, amazing landscapes of hanging rocks, underwater treasures and friendly locals.

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we went exploring with the whole family on a boat. we found hidden islets that were neither full of tourists or idlers.
We had the opportunity to visit the vineyard and witnessed the wine making process that was enjoyable and had a taste of the fine wine that was produced.
Boat cruises at the sea were amazing and we were astoished by the natural diversity and the beautiful scenery.
I enjoyed the cool breeze at the peble beach aunder the pine woods sleeping on the seats relaxing. It was rejuvinating.
We loved the the experience at the campsite and the interaction between the natives and the wonderful moments we had at the camp.
This village has amazing hanging cliffs suitable for diving. It is also surrounded with dense vegetation ideal for a nature walk. My visit to this island was so memorable. I really enjoyed diving in its waters.
The clean and spectacular sea privides the wonderful opportunity for snokerling and diving and enjoyed the beautiful marine crratures and environment..