Drace, a village and bay on the Peljeshac peninsula, is called a small summer resort. Here you can visit beautiful beaches that offer the necessary privacy for a relaxing holiday. The place is ideal for families with children or young couples in love who just want to enjoy the heat of the sun, swimming and relaxing. The gastronomy of this small place is sure to delight you, and the best choice to try local specialties and enjoy a drop of fine wine are definitely the local surrounding restaurants.

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very good!!!
I loved the local delicacies and traditional wine prepared in this location. The foods were prepared by local ingredients in the area while the wine was sourced from local farmers. I enjoyed my dinner dates with my husband and we will visit again soon.
I enjoyed spending my days swimming away in the crystal clear waters or relaxing and basking in the sun. The place was quiet and tranquil which offered great atmosphere to relax and take in the beautiful nature. I will visit again soon.
The environment of this beach was so quiet and serene. It was perfect for a romantic getaway. It was not crowded. The have amazing restaurants to try out new delicacies. I enjoyed swimming in its waters.
My experience in Drache was so magnificent. I loved spending time here. There are various historical sites that are a must visit. During my stay here, I loved spending most of time by the beach. It was so isolated. The calmness and peace was good.
I loved the positioning of the restaurant and the wine bar just a few metres away from the sea line, it was really strategic, enjoying my meals as i was viewing the sea was very therapeutic, also same to the hotels
The heat of the sun made it really good for a swim in the afternoon, it almost felt like i was in a jacuzzi, it also great if you have a family, your kids will surely enjoy all the activities lined up for them on the beach, the villas are also affordable and welcoming