Podobuce, a small fishing village located on the south side of the Peljeshac peninsula 10 km east of Orebich.Relaxing with clear water and the beach is especially suitable for families with children. In addition to the main beach, you have the opportunity to swim on the beautiful beaches nearby. Podobuce is the perfect place to relax in complete silence for those who want to forget the hustle and bustle of city life.

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very good!!!
It is a small fishing village, we engaged in fishing activities with my friends, it was superfun to catch fish with the help of friendly fishermen. My kids and wife enjoyed swimming in the nearby beautiful beaches. Suitable for families with kids.
Located on the side of Peljeshac Peninsula, this fishing village is so gorgeous. It has very beautiful beaches. I enjoyed swimming in its beaches. It was magical experience. The waters were warm
We went for a vacation with my family and Podobuce was the choice of destination for us. We don't regret making the decision since the place had amazing things to offer. We enjoyed the clean beaches of the place and the kids had a lot of fun activities that they were involved in.
We were here together with my family and we enjoyed relaxing and playing on the beach. We even tried fishing in the deep waters found there.
I was looking for a place to vacate with my family and am glad i stumbled to this place. My kids loved walking and running on the pebble sandy beach. Ideal place for families and young kids.
It was the perfect spot for us to relax and escape the bustle of city life. We loved taking meals in the restaurants that offered us with a variety of foods to enjoy, the seafood was fresh and cooked to perfection. It was fun swimming in the cool waters of the beach.