Badija Island


The Korchula archipelago is composed of about twenty small islands and islets that form a unique oasis of beauty.The island of Badija, the largest and most famous, is home to the Franciscan monastery dating from the 15th century.Strong sea currents around the island revive extremely clear water with turquoise undertones. This small island is recognizable by the population of fallow deer that settled on Badija in 1958, when the administration of the Brijuni Islands brought two pairs of fallow deer. Over the years, fallow deer have become accustomed to and accustomed to the presence of humans, so it can often be seen that tourists, especially children, feed them from their hands.

№235 in Islands of Croatia

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very good!!!
Badija is an island to be visited by everyone. I always bring my kids to this destination. My wife and I love swimming in the heavenly waters while the kids love feeding the adorable deers. I highly recommend it.
We visited this island with my friends and fell in love with it. The boat trips to the sea were the most memorable and we saw a lot of beautiful creatures in the sea. What a trip we had!
We had a nice trip to this cute island. We went for strolls around the island admiring the scenic views. We later ate delicious food and tasty wine in the pretty restaurants. The trip was worth every penny.
There is a mystical vibe to this island. I enjoyed hiking in its unspoiled surroundings while admiring the ancient churches ruins and the lush vegetation. It really fascinated me.
This island is a paradise on earth. I enjoyed swimming in its unspoiled beaches and bays. The clean turquoise waters felt like lotion to my skin. It was a memorable trip.
I still remember my visit to Badija island. The island's coastline was really beautiful, quaint and the sunsets were just phenomenal. I highly recommend this tranquil spot if you want to experience deep relaxation.