Today, Zhrnovo has over 1000 inhabitants, and it was first mentioned in documents in the early Middle Ages. It is 4 km away from the town of Korchula by a wide asphalt road, which passes through the middle of this settlement scattered on the surrounding hills, and consists of several hamlets: Prvo Selo, Kampus, Postrana and Brdo. Next to the old stone houses with porches and paved courtyards are small dry-stone sheds covered with stone slabs. There are also several residences of Korčula nobles and landowners. Just outside the center of the village, off the road, on a shady hill surrounded by pine trees, there is the parish church of St. Martin from the 14th century, later reconstructed.

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very good!!!
I loved the architectural planning of this town. The stone houses were so well built with amazing stone art. I loved walking along the streets of this town and just admiring its beauty.
The place has welcoming and hospitable people that are amazing. The architectural buildings are fantastic and have a touch of the ancient design that is fascinating to watch. We went for a walk around the streets of the place and were amazed by the the great place.
the adventure did not stop when we visited the place and we had the opportunity of visiting the famous church at the place. Exciting experience as we managed to witness the paintings at the walls of the church and the beautiful altar that changed the view to a better one on our tour around.