Kneze is a bay, hamlet and port on the northern coast of the island of Korchula, overlooking the Peljeshac peninsula and the Peljeshac Channel, a famous destination for windsurfing. The hamlet of Kneze is located approximately 1 kilometer east of the eponymous bay Kneze.Since Rachishche is only 2.5 km west, it is easy to reach on foot. It is also important to note that Kneza is connected by a 3.5 km long hiking trail through lush vegetation with the village of Pupnat in the interior of the island of Korcula, and from there you can easily reach Zhrnovo, another beautiful place in the hinterland. islands.In the bay Kneze there are several sandy beaches, taverns and many holiday homes. Private accommodation renters are very hospitable, and always ready to do even more for more satisfied guests. Accommodation is possible in private apartments, houses and rooms.

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very good!!!
My kids loved playing recreational games at the beach like building sand castles, the pebbled beach was also lovely for walks. I loved the fact that one could order food and drinks from the tarven and they would be delivered at the beach while one is sunbathing. It was lovely.
This place had beautiful holiday homes. My boyfriend and I booked into one of the homes which were cool and cozy. We went hiking and cycling then later we went to the beach to swim. The beaches were clean and less crowded. We loved watching the sun go down behind the hills while seated at our balcony. It was an amazing holiday.
Visiting the beach in the warm beautiful sunny weather makes it a nice place to visit and relax, coupled to this is a wonderful hike that one can take and enjoy nature. I had a wonderful experience windsurfing, it is a great place to just relax and have fun.