Racisce is located 12 km west of the town of Korcula. It is also one of the younger settlements on the island because it was inhabited at the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century by refugees from the Makarska littoral and Herzegovina during the Venetian-Turkish wars. In Racisce and Knezhe, right by the sea, there are taverns that offer a traditional gastronomic offer in a pleasant ambience.On the way to Racisce you pass through bays with hundreds of houses and villas for rent, so we can say that it is a very attractive tourist resort.There is an old church of Our Lady Help of Christians from the time of the founding of the village (1682), and a newer parish church of St. Nicholas.The bays Zhrnovska Banja, Vrbovica and Knezha are especially attractive, where there are smaller comfortable camps.

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very good!!!
The fact that the town had domestic flights charmed me all the way in. Apart from its richness in history, the town also has one of a kind villas that provided great comfort. The beach was a great place to have vitamin sea.
I came to this place for spiritual nourishment. The church here was cool and welcoming I spent time listening to music which was played in the church and later sat at the benches in the yard. I was able to connect to my God at this place. I felt at peace with myself when I left.
My experience visiting the location was beautiful, the local delicacies offered in the taverns give a new experience. The sightseeing made even more wonderful by the splendid structures in the area. A commendable place to visit.