Nakovanj or Nakovana (native name), is a small village on the Peljeshac peninsula in the municipality of Orebich, Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

The name of the village Nakovane is of old and unknown origin. It is first mentioned in 1335 as Nacovalda, then in 1357 as Nacoualna and in 1372 as Nachovalna.

According to one legend, three blacksmith brothers lived in this part of Peljeshac. One day they decided to split up, so one brother got a house (a small house - a smithy) where he stayed. According to that legend, the name was given to the nearby settlement of Kuchishte. The second brother got a viganj, which was the name for a blacksmith's tool, and settled in a place that was named Viganj, and the third of the brothers got an anvil, so the place where he decided to live was named an anvil.

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very good!!!
We always come here with my kids for our summer trip. The weather is very pleasant for the kids and also to take hiking trips that excite them a lot. This is a wonderful place to visit as a family.
My boyfriend and I still vividly remember our trip to this town. We took long walks along its incredible roads admiring the ancient village remains. The ruins left me awestruck and I found them really soothing. We hope to visit again.
I always visit this phenomenal town on my vacation. I love taking pictures of the beautiful forts and admiring the unique structures inside them. The local people are also very friendly and I always leave relaxed.
Nakovanj is such a marvelous town. I had a very memorable trip. I especially loved visiting the beautiful old churches and checking out their iconic architectural designs. The tranquility and peace in this town are just relaxing.
My pals and I love visiting this spectacular town. We always rent the beautiful apartments overlooking the phenomenal views of the old houses and the mountains. There are lots of adventures here and we always have a good time.
This town has some interesting sights to visit. My family and I loved visiting the astonishing caves that looked so magical. The caves were so peaceful and relaxing. It's a phenomenal town.