Nakovanj or Nakovana (native name), is a small village on the Peljeshac peninsula in the municipality of Orebich, Dubrovnik-Neretva County.The name of the village Nakovane is of old and unknown origin. It is first mentioned in 1335 as Nacovalda, then in 1357 as Nacoualna and in 1372 as Nachovalna.According to one legend, three blacksmith brothers lived in this part of Peljeshac. One day they decided to split up, so one brother got a house (a small house - a smithy) where he stayed. According to that legend, the name was given to the nearby settlement of Kuchishte. The second brother got a viganj, which was the name for a blacksmith's tool, and settled in a place that was named Viganj, and the third of the brothers got an anvil, so the place where he decided to live was named an anvil.

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very good!!!
I loved the privacy of this location, the slow way of life, and the great connection with nature. The location was sparsely populated which was suitable for my husband and I to enjoy some alone and quiet time. We also went for morning runs in the beautiful forests
I went for hiking and mountain biking with my colleagues during our field trip to this location. It has a rocky and steep terrain hence we used it as a mode of exercise and had a great time.
My stay here was really amazing. The weather was perfect for kids. They said the trip was adventurous. We so ruins of several abandoned buildings. We also went hiking into its thick forest
The iconic about this town is their amazing beautiful abandoned buildings. Most of the buildings are quite old. Most of the fortresses are in ruins but one could picture their plans. The locals were so so friendly. I loved this town.
It is a small village just almost at the centre of the island. Legend has it that it belonged to a family of three brothers who then went ahead and split up later, the medieval ruins are still intact and still show detail of the ancient houses design, it was a nice visit
The old village is a great place to tour if one is a fan of old cultural heritage, it has great history and stone ruins of old housing, just outside the village there is also a hiking trail which my buddies and i enjoyed trekking through and awakening our spirit of adventure.