The village of Viganj is a small settlement with approximately 300 permanent residents, located in the southwestern part of the Peljeshac peninsula, guarding the western entrance to the Peljeshac canal, an ancient maritime route between the northern and southern Adriatic Seas. Viganj stretches along a large bay and the cape of St. John in the west.The canal between the islands of Korchula and Viganj is full of colorful surfing and kite sailing and provides an impressive picture.On the main beach in Viganj, Ponta, there are two windsurfing centers offering various services, from equipment rental to various courses for both beginners and advanced.On Ponta Beach you can also rent bikes, play beach volleyball and go diving.Viganj is the most popular destination for windsurfing in CroatiaThere are many suitable trails for mountain biking and trekking, and lovers of flora and fauna can enjoy and photograph some very rare plants, rich medicinal flora and animal species (mufflon, wild boar, pheasants). Goat trails, meadows and rocky terrain are ideal for extreme cycling and rock climbing.Viganj is filled with small pebble beaches, and has two naturist beaches below the church of St. John. The place has several charming bars and small restaurants, ideal for enjoying a peaceful Mediterranean summer, with the taste of fish spiced with excellent locally grown olive oil and a glass of world-famous Peljeshac wine.

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Viganj is a picturesque town where I love bringing my kids. The unspoiled pebbly beaches with shallow clear waters are just perfect for the kids. The Beach volleyball is what I love the most. I recommend this town to all families.
Viganj town has some fantastic sights. My buddies and i loved hiking and trekking in the beautiful mountains. The lush landscape and brisk forest were so enchanting. It was a very memorable trip.
Viganj always impresses me every time I visit. After enjoying myself on the day adventures, I always look forward to the delicious meals served in its luxurious hotels. Be it Italian, European, or Mediterranean, the dishes are always expertly prepared. It's a delightful town.
I love taking vacations in this town. The vibes here are unlike any other place. Its charming bars and elegant restaurants are so full of life, especially at night. I cant wait to come this year and have fun.
It was nice to come to this town for my summer trip. I loved going cycling around the town enjoying the enchanting views. Towards the end of the trip, I enjoyed deep massages at the serene spas. I left here a different person very relaxed.
very good!!!
I joined a windsurfing class at the main beach, Ponta of this location. I particularly loved that they had trainers for students in different levels and they had equipments one could rent for training. I enjoyed the experience and will visit the location again.