Lovishte is a small place located in one of the most beautiful bays on the Peljeshac peninsula. The area of ​​Lovishte covers about 4 km of coastline with numerous bays and natural beaches. The climate in Lovište is ideal for bathing tourism. The main bay always has warmer sea and a number of sunny hours a year passes the figure of 3000.

What attracts tourists to Lovishte the most are the natural beauties , the special gastronomic offer and the unique feeling of relaxation, so that many long-term visitors to Lovishte call it an "Oasis of Peace".

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very good!!!
The natural beauties of this place was taking, the weather was favourable to us and the ambience so relaxing. My kids enjoyed walking on the pebble beach while myself i loved swimming in the crystal clear water of the beach. After swimming, i sunbathed at the bay while i enjoyed the fresh peaceful air of the surroundings.
Lovishte has various activities that visitors can engage in. The locals are generous and i am grateful to have gotten an opportunity to stay in this amazing place.
Relaxing and refreshing place to visit. I loved the clean beautiful beaches and bay that we enjoyed ourselves on when we visited the place. The hot temperatures were amazing and i loved the weather at the place.
This bay is absolutely stunning. We were able to enjoy a relaxing boat ride. The waters were blue and clear. The view was spectacular. It was a relaxing moment. One could also have a picnic by its waters.
The tourist attractions in this town were great. We enjoyed our stay here. The cool climate was refreshing. I also loved the scenes on the beaches and sunsets
You will love this place as soon as you land your feet there.People there are so welcoming and friendly to hang around them. I enjoyed my stay in Lovishte and plan to revisit.