Vaja Beach


The Vaja Beach is located west of Rachishche (exactly between the village and the Samograd bay and beach), but unlike Samograd, it is not easy to reach Vaja Beach. Be sure to bring plenty of water as you head down, as there are no bars, restaurants or any other infrastructure on the beach (which is not surprising). Also, you won’t be able to rent umbrellas or beach chairs, it’s not that kind of beach. This is a beach where it’s just you, the sea, the sun, some people (not too much, even during the high season), some sailboats (because it’s easier for them to get to the beach) and probably some mistral in the afternoon. There's some shade on the beach provided by the trees in the background, but you can't really count on being lucky enough to be able to catch a spot in the shade, so prepare a sunscreen.

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Few people at the beach and it was peaceful and quiet which was amazing for me. There are no restaurants and cafes either and io carries some food with me when i visited the beach. Great beach with amazing views and swimming was awesome and fun.
The sailboats offered a great chance for me to go on sea and sailing. The experience at the sea was superb with water splash and the feeling of sailing was just unexplainable. Unforgettable moments with great views too and fun all through.
There are a few spots that have no natural shade and we were lucky to get to the beach early. There are no rental umbrellas or beach chairs and we enjoyed the sun as we walked along the beach with friends and chatted. Amazing time to be at the beach.
very good!!!
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