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Ispod Duvana Beach is a beautiful small beach located in the heart of the city, and what is a special picturesque view located in the Old Town. The beach has a pebble character which makes it suitable for young people and families with children. The proximity to the city center is easily accessible, and you will also find all the facilities and facilities you are looking for in the immediate vicinity. A suitable addition to the beach are benches where you can sit in the shade of tall palm trees.

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I loved the fact that the location offered the equipment needed, which made packing quite easy. My wife and I enjoyed strolling along the beach and observing sunrise and sunset together. we will visit again in our next anniversary.
A beach for families looking for a beautiful pebble beach to visit that is easily accessible. This beach has bench es that are placed under palm trees offering a nice cool place to just relax and enjoy the wind from the sea. I enjoyed visiting this place which has adequate facilities for a wonderful and fun visit of this place for anyone.
Ispod Duvana is famous for its good swimming conditions. It has no big wave. The waters are calm even a beginner can learn swimming in this beautiful beach. As a matter of fact, I taught my young daughter to swim on this beach.
very good!!!
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