Best beaches of Korcula with infrastructure


The beaches of the Korcula Island are famous for their stunning landscape.


You will always find a forest nearby, whether deciduous or evergreen, and the sea is always beautifully blue and pristine. The wild and secluded beaches don’t have any amenities, but the local beaches in various villages and in the town of Korcula offer an infrastructure with a nice selection of cafes and options for beach entertainment.


We have selected ten of the best beaches on the island of Korcula with various degrees of established infrastructure. We hope it helps you select ones that are most suitable to your preferences.


1. Prvi Zal beach, Lumbarda


One of the best equipped beaches on the island of Korcula. It has all the basic amenities including showers and deck chair and parasol rental, as well as wicker beach umbrellas that give it a bit of a tropical look. A cafe and a water sports equipment rental are both here, an inflatable aquapark for children and a marina in the near vicinity for extra entertainment should you need it.


2. Ratak Zal beach, Prizba


This beach has a nice, if somewhat of a modest, selection of recreational activities, rental services and catering facilities, but with its pebbled terrain and shallow sea it is a great classic beach for visitors of any age.


3. Pupnatska Luka beach, Pupnat


You’ll find two restaurants adjacent to this beach with the standard menu of grilled food and beverages. Beach umbrellas and lounging chairs are available for rent, too, and you’ll find the portable toilets next to the adjacent parking lot.


4. Vela Przina beach, Lumbarda


This popular beach owes its comfort factor to its sandy terrain, ideal for sunbathing, walking and building sand castles. It also has a beach volleyball court, a beach bar offering snacks and drinks, and a paid parking space.


5. Istruga beach, Brna


You wouldn’t expect a small and somewhat remote beach to have any infrastructure at all, but Istruga beach is just large enough to accommodate a small restaurant and a mini sports center equipped for tennis, table tennis and volleyball. If you’re a sports fan and prefer less visited beaches this one is the right one for you.


6. Banje beach, town of Korcula


Like some other beaches on the island of Korcula this one lacks the structure of basic amenities like showers and public toilets. However, it is surrounded by cafes and restaurants and all the habitual urban amenities. For water sports aficionados, the Oreb Club sailing and windsurfing school is located right on the beach.


7. Bilin Zal beach, Lumbarda


This local beach in Lumbarda has none of the usual basic amenities but there are plenty of cafes and restaurants in its vicinity, with a cafe bar sitting right on the concrete side of the beach and a parking lot adjacent to it.


8. Luka Korculanska, town of Korcula


This classic town beach is located near all the usual urban amenities and public transportation, so it’s easy to access if you’re on foot. The best part: you’ll be able to pop down for a swim right after your morning coffee, and continue your sightseeing and shopping afterwards.


9. Hotel Park and Liburna beach, town of Korcula


This 600 meter long beach has the usual basic amenities set up, deck chair and beach umbrella rental included, enhanced with a catering selection of cafes and restaurants nearby, and a pedal boat rental. For those who’d like to engage into wind surfing or stand-up-paddling, or rent a bike, car or a boat, the rental services are located in the near vicinity of the beach.


10. Ispod Duvana beach


This thin stretch of beach follows the promenade in the Sveti Nikola neighbourhood of the town of Korčula. While it’s more of an impromptu location for swimming and sunbathing you won’t get any closer to the city anywhere else. All you need to do to get to the entertainment and amenities is step up onto the promenade dotted with restaurants, cafes and shops, or else take a break on the benches under the palm trees.



Why are Korcula’s beaches so unique?


You may have noticed that Korcula doesn’t have any beach complexes with a large selection of additional amenities and facilities that are so common in some other tourist destinations on the Dalmatian coast.


Instead, Korcula’s beaches work with their stunning landscape and the little friendly villages and towns in their vicinity in such a way that offers visitors an old-school experience of a Mediterranean holiday: local, comfortable, relaxed and always welcoming. This means you’ll always find a bar, a cafe or a restaurant near the beach where you can relax in the genuine Dalmatian way: without a rush or unnecessary structure, just the way a vacation should be.



We are eager to hear all about your thoughts on Korcula’s beaches and their entertainment offer, so don’t hesitate to leave your impressions in the comment section. We hope you have a wonderful time on Korcula!

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