12 best wild and hidden beaches on the island of Korcula


If you’ve come to the island of Korcula and want to experience the perfect union with the sea, sun and the Mediterranean landscape you have come to the right place.

The entire coastline of this island is indented, dotted with coves and mini bays, and beaches nesting in the pine forests and island vegetation, offering privacy, solace, tranquillity, peace and quietness at any time of day.

There are dozens and dozens of Korcula’s wild beaches to choose from, but we have selected the best of them to help you get around. Bear in mind that, being wild, these beaches do not have any infrastructure or amenities. However, they are often located in the vicinity of villages and towns where you can find additional content and services.


1. Zitna beach, Zavalatica

Nesting in the lush Mediterranean vegetation of the Zitna bay, this pebble beach is the quintessential wild seascape, with its azure-and-turquoise coloured sea and the surrounding landscape of rugged rocks bordered by pine trees.

2. Orlandusa beach, Zrnovo

You won’t find any summer crowds here - this pebbled beach is just enough removed from the usual tourist-trodden paths to offer you a beautiful crystal clear sea for snorkeling and a lovely shade of pine trees.

3. Lucica bay beach, Vela Luka

This beautiful half rugged beach on the east of Korcula island is full of small dents in the terrain, allowing you to find a secluded spot just for yourself. It is also adorned with a turquoise coloured sea of such purity that you’ll have no trouble spotting the flora, and the fauna swimming around with you. After your swim, take a siesta in the deep shade of the pine trees and enjoy an undisturbed afternoon of pace and quietness.

4. Pavja Luka beach, Zrnovo

If you’re that rare tourist that prefers out-of-the-way places you will receive your just reward when you reach Pavja Luka: untouched Mediterranean scenery, pristine sea, and all the peace and quietness you could possibly desire.

5. Cavica Luka beach, Cara

Mostly undiscovered by tourists and visited by a rare local only, this pebbled beach flanked by rocky slopes comes with plenty of forest for natural shade, a beautifully blue sea, nearby parking, and will make a wonderful spot for a quiet afternoon with the family.

6. Vaja beach, Racisce

If you enjoy a good hike and like it when it leads you to a wild and hidden corner at the end of the path, it is very likely you’ll enjoy making your way down the narrow woodland path over a small tree-dotted hill to get to Vaja beach, a little jewel of Korcula’s coast.

7. Samograd beach, Racisce

The northern coast of Korcula island hides another wild beach corner, ideal for all those who take pleasure in the serene observation of the Mediterranean seascapes to the soundtrack of waves and breeze in the trees.

8. Raznjic beach, cape Raznjic

It doesn’t get any more remote, private, quiet and secluded than this beach.                                                  The stunning landscape of rocks here won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the sea is so clean and clear that it’s swarming with flora and fauna, and will prove perfect for anyone looking for a great swim and snorkeling. 

9. Istruga beach, Brna

This beach is a little less remote, accommodating a mini sports center and a small restaurant while still retaining its wild beach look of pristine sea and Mediterranean trees. It’s a local beach, so while you might not be entirely alone on it, you’ll still enjoy the absence of large beach crowds. The seabed here is covered with a thick layer of mud that is said to have medicinal properties.

10. Ripna beach

The perfect location for a hot summer afternoon, this pebbled beach is enclosed by a thick forest offering natural shade during the warmest of mid-day hours. If you visit in the morning you’ll be basking in the sunlight, watching the island of Lastovo on the horizon of the pristine blue sea.

11. Prigradica beach, Prigradica

This mildly rugged beach has the best of both worlds: all the elements of wilderness - pebbles and rocks, the untouched azure sea and the Mediterranean vegetation - meet here to create a lovely private and secluded spot that is not too far away from the Prigradica village.

12. Bacva beach, Pupnat

This is the beach to go to if you want to indulge yourself with barely tamed wilderness. Bordered by hillsides of vineyards and trees, overlooking the silhouette of Lastovo Island in the distance, and a small tavern nearby offering home made Dalmatian cuisine, you will be enjoying the absence of crowds without being isolated.


What makes the wild beaches of Korcula unique?

The wild beaches of Korcula are one of its best features, working with the landscape around them to create the kind of oases that are perfect for relaxation, contemplation and meditation.

Most of them are remote enough to be out of the usual tourist paths, which means quietness and often privacy are guaranteed. Some of them, however, have a few additional services such as a tavern or a restaurant, but still remain devoid of the usual summer crowds, which makes them a great choice for those who like to take it relaxed and slow but don’t mind sharing the beach with a few other people.


We hope your wild beach adventure on Korcula island is a fantastic one!

We’d love to hear all about it, and about all the new beaches you discover on your way, so don’t hesitate to leave your stories in the comment section below. And enjoy the gorgeous natural shade of pine trees and the many blue shades of Korcula’s sea!

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