Pupnatska Luka Beach


Pupnatska luka is one of the most famous beaches with a beach on the island of Korčula, which can be reached by a well-maintained road. It is a very popular place to visit in the summer season, and the proximity of cafes makes this beach great for visitors of all ages.

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20274, Pupnat


(4 reviews)
We visited the cafes along the beach and they offered a great deal of meals and drinks too. Nice views top of the sea and the breeze at the sea was fantastic.
The summer destination for us was the beach and it gave the best vibes with amazing temperatures. We went swimming at the sea and the experience was phenomenal. We had fun playing with the water and walking along the beach too.
The beach is clean and well maintained and has the best views of the landscape and the sparkling sea. We enjoyed sunbathing at the sea and we carried some umbrella for shade as there is no natural shade at the beach. The weather was great at the atmosphere was relaxing.
very good!!!
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