16 best beaches on the Island of Korcula


With its history dating back to the Stone Age, centuries-old historical and architectural influences, and the unmistakable Mediterranean island atmosphere, the island of Korcula makes for both a historic and a romantic holiday spot.

One of the things you’ll love most about it is its coastline - it is full of bays and coves flanked by evergreens on one side and the pristine sea on the other, and beaches that will wow you with their scenery whether they are public and large or small and hidden.

Our list of the sixteen best beaches on the island of Korcula includes beaches that are favoured by families with children, solitary beaches that offer privacy, those located in towns and villages and the ones where you can enjoy the stunning Mediterranean landscape.

We hope our selection helps you find your favourites and have a fabulous holiday.

1. Prvi Zal beach, Lumbarda

This beautiful beach has a bit of a tropical look with its azure-coloured sea, the white-and-grey pebbled terrain and wicker beach umbrellas scattered about.

It is also well equipped with beach rental services, has an inflatable aquapark for kids, and a marina and a cocktail bar in near vicinity.

2. Banje beach, town of Korcula

If you’re looking to incorporate a visit to the beach into your sightseeing schedule, stop by Banje. This small pebble beach sits in the cityscape of old stone houses and modern hotels dotted with Mediterranean trees, cafes and boats rocking in the gentle breeze.

3. Zitna beach, Zavalatica

Half-hidden by the gorgeous Mediterranean vegetation of the Zitna bay, this charming pebbled beach will impress you with the calmness of its azure-and-turquoise coloured sea and the surrounding landscape of rugged rocks bordered by pine trees.

4. Pupnatska Luka beach, Pupnat

With the pine tree forest surrounding the bay, fresh water springs, the view of the Lastovo Island archipelago and a rich offer of catering, entertainment and rental services, it is no wonder this beach is one of the most visited on the island of Korcula.

5. Ratak Zal beach, Prizba

With its pebbled terrain, lovely blue shades of its sea, and a good, if small, selection of recreational activities, rental services and catering facilities it is a great all-around beach for visitors of any age.

6. Orlandusa beach, Zrnovo

Slightly removed from the usual tourist-trodden paths this pebble beach will welcome you with a transparent sea perfect for snorkeling, lovely shade of the pine trees and the refreshing absence of summer crowds.

7. Vela Przina beach, Lumbarda

This completely sandy beach is perhaps the most comfortable of all of Korcula’s beaches: its soft terrain is perfect for sunbathing, beach volleyball, long sunset walks and sand-castle building. And in case you need a break, you can pop down to either of the two restaurants on the beach for some refreshments.

8. Vaja beach, Racisce

If you’re an adventurer and enjoy a hiking challenge this is the right beach for you. The tree-covered hill you can cross via a narrow pathway hides a true gem of Korcula’s landscape.

9. Samograd beach, Racisce

Another slice of peace and quietness for all those who prefer to spend their time in serene observation of the Mediterranean seascapes to the summertime sounds of the beach crowds.

10. Istruga beach, Brna

This beach may be on the smaller side but it is just large enough to accommodate a mini sports center and a little restaurant. Its most famous feature, though, is the thick layer of mud that covers the seabed and that is said to have therapeutic properties.

11. Raznjic beach, cape Raznjic

Beaten by the winds, the impressive rocky landscape of this wild beach might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the sea here is perfectly pristine, bountiful with flora and fauna, and will prove perfect for anyone looking for a great swim and snorkeling.

12. Prigradica beach, Prigradica

This lovely beach in the village of Prigradica is a bit on the rugged side: pebble, shingle and rocks join forces with the crystal blue sea and scattered Mediterranean vegetation to create a great spot for all those looking to do their swimming and sunbathing in privacy and solace.

13. Bacva beach, Pupnat

Located in a small eponymous bay, this pebble beach is flanked by tree-and-vineyard-covered hillsides, with the view extending to the horizon adorned with the silhouette of Lastovo Island. While you’ll enjoy a good amount of quietness here you’ll also have the option of popping to the small tavern adjacent to the beach for drinks and some home made Dalmatian cooking.

14. Pavja Luka beach, Zrnovo

This beach is slightly harder to reach and thus largely undiscovered by the garden variety tourist. But if you make the effort, you will be rewarded with the pristine Mediterranean scenery, crystal clean sea, and the privilege of complete peace and quietness.

15. Bilin Zal beach, Lombarda

With its fine and soft greyish sand that extends into the sea bed and the shallow sea level, cafes and restaurants near by, and its general carefree and cheerful summertime ambience, this beach is beloved by locals and tourists alike.

16. Luka Korculanska, town of Korcula

If you’re on the lookout for a traditional town beach with the view of the town of Korcula’s stone house cityscape where your kids can play in the shallow sea while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, this beach will be just the right fit.


Why are Korcula’s beaches so unique?

The landscape of Korcula’s coastline plays the biggest part in how its beaches look and feel.

While a lot of the beaches on the island of Korcula are well equipped with recreational facilities, additional amenities and a great catering offer, there is rarely any strict and formal structure about it. This means that even the most popular beaches have a relaxed look about them and feel comfortable, and always have the look and feel of being in untouched nature.

Almost all of Korcula’s beaches have a shallow sea level and pebbled or sandy terrain, which makes them suitable for families with children and the elderly.

In addition to this, Korcula has lots of wild and hidden beaches sitting in the scenery of pebbled shores, pine trees and azure sea, offering solace, privacy and an escape from summer crowds.


We hope you’ll like the coastline of Korcula Island as much as we do. We’d love to hear all about your beach experiences, so don’t hesitate to leave your impressions in the comment section below. And have an amazing holiday!

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