Beach Ripna


If you’re heading to the south of Korchula in the direction of Pupnatska Luka you’ll come across a tiny cove enclosed by a dense Mediterranean forest.

This is the Ripna beach, a small pebble beach, sunny in the morning and protected by deep natural shade all afternoon long. The sea access is shallow and easy here, with the sea bed a mixture of pebbles, stones and some rocks. There is a small boat storage at the back of the beach, but for the most part the cove is deserted, with an occasional local stopping by to take their boat out for a ride.

There are no amenities here, so you’ll have to bring your own food and drink. You’ll be able to park your car in the vicinity of the beach, alongside the road, and after that take a short walk down the asphalted road to get to the beach itself. With the view of the Lastovo island on the horizon we have no doubts you’ll enjoy a beautiful and serene sunset away from the crowds and the noise.

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20273, Čara


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The peace and tranquility of this beach are unmatched by any other in the area. There are just a few people here and hence the place is quiet but not deserted. There are still cafes and restaurants that serve almost every food of your choice. Ripna beach is a place that I will indeed go back with my family
I loved hiking through the thick Mediterranean forest surrounding this location. Taking morning strolls through the dewy vegetation helped me relax and recollect my thoughts. It was a productive visit and I will visit again soon.
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