A small village, Hodilje, is located near Ston in the Mali Ston Channel. The primary activity of the inhabitants of this charming settlement is the cultivation of shellfish, so tasting sea aphrodisiacs is unavoidable here. Due to its size, Hodilje offers enough accommodation, which - in combination with the crystal clear turquoise sea make it a perfect destination for a family vacation.

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Perfect destination for our vacation as we enjoyed the exquisite services that they offered at the hotels. The menu was great and selection was good with modern facilities that made us comfortable throughout the entire stay. I loved the packages they offered and the views from the hotel were great. Lovely place that i enjoyed.
We enjoyed the mountain views at this place. The cool air and the lush greenery were amazing. I loved watching the sun go down every evening. I enjoyed my stay at this place.
very good!!!
The hills that sorround the lake makes attractive view for tourists. You can never get bored visiting this place. I loved this place.
Hodije has abeautiful Island where you can tour around with a boat. I was there on a vacation and took a boat ride to the island. it was a nice experience.
Hodilje has busy attractive towns and shopping centerss with beautiful bitiques to do your shopping. I toured around the town and loved everything.
The sand beaches at Hodilje are very attractive and clean. I enjoyed visiting one of the beaches with my friends where we swam and had great time together.