Olipa Island


Olipa is an uninhabited island in Croatia, part of the Elaphite Islands archipelago off the coast of southern Dalmatia. It is the westernmost island in the Elaphites. Olipa is mostly rocky and partially covered with forest. The stone square tower is located on the south side of the island, which serves as a lighthouse. The lighthouse is used for sea lanes that pass through the Veliki Vratnik (between Olipa and Tajana) and Mali Vratnik (between Olipa and Peljeshac) passes. It is a great place for walking, sightseeing and with its picturesque appearance it reminds of a scene from postcards.

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very good!!!
The picturesque at the stone square tower is magnificent especially how it appears to disappear in the sky from its the foot's view. The place was favourable for picnics and hikes because of the rocky places and forests. I recommend this place to anyone.
This place had great monuments that I loved seeing. The Stone Square and the lighthouse were amazing. The long walks to this places coupled with the cool fresh air were relaxing. I loved the friendly locals who insisted that i take pictures with them.
The environment at this place gives a calming vibe, walking and just taking one the different sites helps one clear their minds and just enjoy the experience. Would recommend anyone to visit the place. A beautiful experience indeed