Korita is a village in the interior that originated in the 15th century after the migration from Zhara and after the devastation of Okuklje.It was named after the recesses of natural stone that filled with water during rainy days.Due to its geographical position, Korita was an important strategic position for monitoring the waters of the Mljet Channel and the open sea.In the middle of the village is a tower that served as a defense against frequent pirate attacks. During the 17th and 18th centuries, people engaged in fishing and the places became richer. The main occupation was to catch and sell salted fish, especially sardines.During that time, the village is inhabited by Dubrovnik, Ston and other areas, and Korita takes on the characteristics of an urban center.

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I came here for a spiritual nourishment journey and visited the numerous churches around. I felt at peace while in the church and my spirit was renewed. What a wonderful experience I had.
This village is a really good hiding spot from everything, it is about five minutes to the shoreline but it is a really good town, there is a tower that was used as a defense tower during the war, it was my first time seeing one and i loved it
It was an educative tour, I toured the tower that acted as a defense against frequent pirate attacks. I also learnt that Korita's strategic position was for monitoring the waters of the open sea. It was a wonderful experience of learning.
We went for fishing with the local fishermen and even caught the salted fish especially the sardines. We were cooked some and I must admit that they are to die for. We also bought some sardines to take back home.
The history of how this urban centre came to be was fascinating. I visited its historical tower which was used to monitor piracy and the view from the tower was breathtaking. I was able to watch people fish. It is such a lovely and small urban centre.
This urban centre is so magical. I loved its environment. It was so serene. I really enjoyed hiking to the top of a hill where there was a tower they used monitor pirate attacks. The people of this town were so hospitable.
Visiting the defense tower in the middle of the village was a revitalizing experience. I learned that the location was built to protect from pirate attacks that were frequent in that era. The location was strategic in monitoring the waters of the Mijet channel and the open sea.