Babino Polje


Babino Polje is one of the oldest settlements on the island. The village is located at the foot of the hills of Veliki and Mali grad, and consists of three hamlets: Zadublje, Srčenovići and Zabriježe. It is about 4 kilometers long. Below the village is a spacious and fertile field. which gave the village its name.Nearby is the famous Ulysses Cave and Sutmiholj Bay with a beach.It is the central and still island place where the duke lived during the Dubrovnik Republic.During the XI. century the inhabitants built the first church dedicated to St. Pancras, the first patron saint of the island. The church was owned by the Benedictines from Lokrum in 1039. The village was founded by Roman Catholic parishes, but during the XI. century. Babino Polje became the administrative and ecclesiastical center of the whole island.

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Babino Polje
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Island of Mljet
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Babino Polje
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We were excited to reach this place. We explored the caves and went to the Bay which had a beautiful beach. We also visited the church and enjoyed a quiet time in the park.
The Ulysses Cave was the perfect spot to escape the bustle of the town. We went for swimming at that had a beach with clean crystal clear water . I had an amazing relaxing time here.
We toured the spacious and fertile land, we enjoyed the lovely atmosphere and the ambience of the surroundings. From the hills, the view of Babino was panoramic. Am glad I visited this village as I witnessed the three hamlets that make this place unique .
The Ulysses cave was thrilling. This town is such a wonderful tourist destination. It offers an adventurous experience for a nature walk. I enjoyed walking in its dense forest and seeing different species of plants. It was a relaxing moment.
The natural beauty of this town town was captivating. Other than the popular Ulysses cave, this town has really fascinating buildings. The buildings were well designed and to maintain its history. The town was surrounded with wonderful forests suitable for a nature walk.
The first church dedicated to Sv. Pancras built in the XI century is a great spectacle. I particularly loved the architectural style used in its construction. I learned that the church was owned by the Benedictines from Lokrum in 1039. It was a great experience touring this beautiful location.
The famous Ulysses Cave and Sutmiholj Bay were great locations that I visited. The kids loved boating under the cave and watching the beautiful blue waters change with the sun's rays. My wife loved spending time by the beach sunbathing and tanning.