Sobra is an old fishing port of local people from Babino Polje that began to be settled between the two world wars, and today is a tourist place. It stretches along the port, and throughout the year Sobra is connected by ferry with Dubrovnik, in summer with Prapratno on the Peljeshac peninsula, which makes it a maritime traffic center of the island. From Sobra it is very easy to reach Saplunara (16 km) and Pomena and Polache (29 km), the entry points of the Mljet National Park.

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We reached here by ferry from Dubrovnik. We joined the locals in fishing activities and am glad they were welcoming and friendly to us. They cooked for us the fish that we caught, and i must admit that they were fresh and delicious.
My friend kept talking about this port and i instantly knew i had to visit. The trip was worth because i had a great time and on the evenings i went fishing. the food was also great.
We went on an evening stroll with my dog along the sea and the experience was "out of this world". The breeze from the sea and the sunset at the evening was fascinating for me. I loved the people at the place and the landscape.
This is a fishing town. I was able to stroll by the sea. I was able to enjoy a ferry ride. It was a memorable experience. The most unique thing about this place is its structural planning. Wherever you are you will definitely get a glimpse of the sea. The breeze was amazing.
I count not resist the invitation to visit this place. We explored the caves and later went hiking and swimming at the beach. It was such a lovely adventure.
very good!!!