Ston offers a unique environment as a city with the second longest stone wall in Europe (5.5 km), with narrow quiet streets, noble ancient houses and traces of ancient cultures. The history of this medieval town dates back to the 14th century. Ston was the main fortress Republic of Ragusa whose defensive walls were considered a significant feat of medieval architecture.The inner wall of the city measures 890 meters in length, while the Great Wall outside the city has a circumference of 5 km.The walls extend to Mali Ston ( Small Stone ), a smaller town in the north side of the Pelješac isthmus and the end of the Small Ston Bay, important for mariculture.

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very good!!!
There were countless activities for my kids. They enjoyed visiting and playing in the children's play grounds, cycling and taking nature walks. It was a nice experience.
Ston has beautiful beaches to visit relax with your family. I took mine there and they were very happy to play in the water and swim. We got a chance to taste their deletable meals and shop around their fancy botiques.
The ever green ston has stunning scenes and hilly scapes that can be seen from a distance. I walked around and enjoyed seeing city walls. Ston is a nice place to visit.
Ston has rich historical museums to learn from. I got a chance to tour one of the meseums and really learnt alot about the ancient man, the tools they used and their way of life. Visit ston museums and you will appreciate the different stages of life in a man's life.