Okuklje is the oldest Croatian island town on the coast, founded by the inhabitants of Vrhmlje in the 15th century, and served as a port to the town of Maranovichi. It is the place of many sailors and fishermen with the most protected bay called Porto Cammera in Italian. The village has about 10 permanent residents, and in summer it is a significant tourist and nautical destination.

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We were told about this place by a friend. We came during the summer vacation and had a good time. Our experience with the fishermen was great. We went sailing and came back for an evening stroll. A great place to visit during the summer.
It was fun having to tour the oldest town in Croatia, it was good to know about the permanent residents who welcome us tourists and seeing the sailors and fishermen who dock here. It was an amazing sight
We toured this place during the summer season. We went for fishing with the local fishermen and they were of great help to us. They taught us how to catch fish and even how to prepare them for cooking.
Sailing across Okuklje with a boat was super fun. We were able to grace our eyes with the beauty of the surroundings. We spent our nights in the village residents which are well secured and very clean.
This bay has the best weather. Its vegetation is untouched there are hiking trails so one one could have an epic nature walk. I really loved sitting by the beach and enjoying the view. This town is so lovely.
This town has the best hiking trail. Its natural beauty has well been preserved. Walking through its nature and breathing a different kind of air was so therapeutic. I would recommend this place for all nature lovers. It was a fantastic experience.
Porto Cammera bay is a protected location for sailors and fishermen in this location. During my vacation, I spent most of my days here interacting with the local fishermen and learning about how they prepare the traditional fish delicacies. It was a great experience and I loved it.