Okuklje is the oldest Croatian island town on the coast, founded by the inhabitants of Vrhmlje in the 15th century, and served as a port to the town of Maranovichi. It is the place of many sailors and fishermen with the most protected bay called Porto Cammera in Italian. The village has about 10 permanent residents, and in summer it is a significant tourist and nautical destination.

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I was here for my vacation in Croatia, while here i indulged into activities such as fishing. The fishermen showed me how to trap and even catch fish, it was an exciting experience. Later in the afternoon i went sailing around the sea.
There is something compelling and attractive about old towns. i visited this island town and i had the most remarkable experience. everything was on point, ranging from its atmosphere to mouthwatering cuisine.
We went on a boat cruise at the dazzling waters of the place. It was fascinating and we enjoyed ourselves. The guide at the boat was informative and we really loved the trip around.
This town is so small yet unique. It only has 10 permanent residences. I enjoyed visiting this place. The view of the sea was so magical . I had a therapeutic and relaxing boat ride experience.
I visited this Island and never wanted to leave when it was time to go. I swam on the beautiful beach and later went for a long walk.
very good!!!