Island Jakljan/Tajan


Jakljan is a small island in the Elaphite Islands, near Dubrovnik, which abounds in beautiful flora and fauna. The clear, crystal clear and deep sea is perfect for swimmers and divers who can enjoy the underwater benefits of the island that they will remember forever.The island is uninhabited and there is only a neglected children's resort. In the immediate vicinity of the island, in 2003, several stone sarcophagi were found, which are believed to have been transported from the Brach quarry to the ancient Salon.

№478 in Islands of Croatia

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very good!!!
We went for diving in the sea and the clear blue seas made it easy for us to see the different aquatic life down there. I collected some corrie shells and coral reefs that acted as testimonials. I had a great time.
I was a great swimmer and this place was the best for me. I loved the crystal clear deep sea where i went diving underwater. I loved studying sea creatures. The climate at this place was cool and the air around the sea fresh. It was a great vacation for me.
The clear waters of the sea give shed such an unexplainable beauty, and swimming inside the cool waters under the sun makes the experience even more wonderful. The view scenery in the water is just exhilarating, a different world from the one above. Would love to visit again.