Island of Shipan


The island of Shipan is the largest Elaphist island. Not only are there many summer houses, but also churches - there are 34. The church of St. Stephen is especially interesting, with a painting of the Virgin and Child, the work of the Venetian painter Panteleone from the 15th century. the church of the Holy Spirit.
Shipan entered the Guinness Book of Records as the island with the largest number of olive trees in terms of size. So you should definitely visit this small picturesque place, taste the local cuisine spiced with this perfect olive oil and, of course, homemade wine.
There are two larger settlements on the island - Shipanska luka and Sudzhuradzh - and they are connected by a road about 5 kilometers long that leads through a fertile Šipan field. The island is full of beautiful beaches, the sea is clean, the food is great, and especially fresh and local. seafood specialties

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very good!!!
My buddies and I had a terrific time on this island. We especially loved going on the wine and olive oil tasting tours. They were very delicious and they left us very happy. We shall bring more friends on the next trip.
The island of Shipan has some beautiful beaches. I had fun here playing in the waters and enjoying the scenic views. This island is just heavenly.
I really enjoyed my trip to this island. I especially enjoyed the delicious seafood prepared in the restaurants and served by the friendly waiters. The quiet surroundings added to all the relaxation. I recommend this island to all.