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Kolochep is a small picturesque Adriatic island in Elafiti near Dubrovnik, which the locals also call Kalamota. The island has two towns, Gornje Chelo and Donje Chelo, located in the largest bays and connected by a 3 km long winding promenade, which makes it great for runners. The eastern and western parts of the island are covered with a dense pine forest that descends all the way to the sea surface. It is one of the most interesting Adriatic islands with numerous hidden coves, as well as the Blue Cave where you can swim. The clear sea is full of fish and shellfish. The first view of the island can leave you breathless because it fills you with peace, the smell of Mediterranean herbs and the intense color of the Adriatic. It has pebble and sandy beaches, larger bays are Sapluni and Porat, and you can find accommodation in apartments or hotels located along the coast of the bay Donje Celo. Historical and cultural monuments that you can visit are the church of St. Anthony of Padua, Church of St. Nicholas, the church of St. Rust and remains of an economic complex.

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very good!!!
The lack of cars on the island provided a calming and relaxed feeling to the island which we really enjoyed. It was a heavenly feeling vacationing here.
While on the Island, we enjoyed going for walks and hikes since the Island has several trails. The trails were easy to follow and they provided us with great views of the island. It was worth every penny.
I loved the dining experience on the Island. The restaurants offered a variety of dishes and they provided us with amazing waterfront views at a moderate price. It's a fantastic island.
The island is very beautiful. It had some good beaches and secluded swimming spots that provided us with privacy while we swam and sunbathed which we really enjoyed. We shall come again.
Visiting the various churches found on the island was very insightful. They are quaint but they offer great insight into the art and history of the island. It was a very relaxing trip.