Lokrum Legend


The legend of the curse of Lokrum:According to legend, after the fall of the Republic of Dubrovnik, the new authorities decided to close the monastery on the island and remove the monks. The Benedictines made every effort to stay on the island, which had been their home for centuries, but failed. The last evening they spent on the island, they left the church in their hooded cloaks and surrounded the island three times, holding turned candles in their hands.Their procession lasted all night, wax dripping on the ground, and the monks cursed aloud "Cursed be everyone who takes Lokrum for their own pleasure!" From that moment on, every future owner of this small island ended tragically.Lokrum has become an island exclusively in ‘public’ ownership, given to everyone for unconditional enjoyment. You just have to stick to the saying, “Don’t take anything from Lokrum. Neither a peacock feather, nor a leaf picked in the botanical garden, because what you took from the island still belongs to him. And it brings misfortune to the new owner.

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It was like a dream come true to find this cursed Island that brings misfortune to anyone who takes anything from it. I just heard stories about the place and am glad i set my foot on it. Our tour guide was elaborative on why the monks(initial owners of the Island) decided to curse this Island, a wonderful narrative to listen to.
This was an exciting place to visit considering its history. i also made sure to remember not to take anything from this place lest the monks curse follows me. Nonetheless, i had an enjoyable stay.
Great history about the island and we enjoyed getting a taste of the knowledge. We enjoyed the awesome views of the sea and the amazing vegetation. We loved the trill with the time that we spent at the island.
The history of this Island is pretty amazing. It's a beautiful Island. I had to take a boat to this Island. Touring it was an adventurous experience. I got to see the Benedictine Monastery. It is lovely. I enjoyed my moment on this Island.
Though this place is creepy because of the curse story, we enjoyed touring the historic sites and taking great pictures.
very good!!!