Zaton Doli


Zaton Doli is a hamlet on the border with BiH. Rich in gastronomy, here you can taste sea aphrodisiacs that you will enjoy. In the immediate vicinity there is a spectacular and famous saltworks Ston and a small island of Life which can be reached by boat. The island is uninhabited, contains a castle, beautiful beaches that surround shellfish farms, and thus becomes a place for a perfect vacation and stay in nature.

№534 in Cities of Croatia

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Zaton Doli
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very good!!!
This town is so small. I enjoyed seeing seeing its salt works. I found it so fascinating. I enjoyed every moment i spent here. Its view was so amazing. There are plenty restaurants to try out local cuisines.
The salt works place was remarkable and was one of the reasons for visiting the island. The history of the place and the processing were interesting to listen to. Wonderful place and time that we experienced throughout as well as the tour at the castle was remarkable.
The vacation to the island was superb and the experience throughout the place and beaches were spectacular. The views of the sea and the landscape were dazzling and we had fun at the beach and enjoyed it fully.