Mali Ston


Mali Ston is a charming village on the Peljeshac peninsula. It is connected to the city of Ston by the world-famous defensive walls of Ston. The village is known for its oyster farming and for its amazing seafood. All lovers of fresh seafood, quality wine and delicacies will fall in love with this small place.

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This village is so beautiful. It is well decorated and planned. It is a nice village to just walk on its streets. I tasted their oysters and they are so delicious. I will definitely visit this village again.
The walls of Ston were such an amazing scenery. I really enjoyed fishing in its waters. It was such a perfect and wonderful activity. Walking on the streets of this town was so relaxing and therapeutic.
I loved the oyster farming tradition that is very active in this location. During my visit on this location, I was able to learn various facts about oysters; how they are caught, prepared, and preserved to have such an authentic taste and I loved it.
The seafood delicacies prepared in this location are phenomenal. My boyfriend and I went for weekend night dates to the beautiful eateries and ordered a different seafood delicacy each time. I was able to fish recipes for most of them and will try them at home.
The houses in the village were really beautifully decorated with flowers, i loved taking pictures of them. The seafood was also very sweet, i had never had fresh oysters before, they were very good especially with wine
The hills behind the town were filled with paths where i walked and recorded new memories. The food was really amazing and the town really had good people and positive vibes
we discovered that the walls in this village were not just minor but they were world known as defensive. This is an amazing village and we had to take some pictures which for me I used the photos to educate my kids about the magic walls. Who can miss to visit such an eye catching place!