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Maskaric Sige


Maskaric Sige is a family shellfish farm located in the Bay of Mali Ston on the Peljesac peninsula, in the town of Ston. What makes shellfish from this area unique in the world is the rare combination of fresh and sea water of incredible purity in which they are grown. Here you will have the opportunity to taste fresh sea oysters combined with homemade wine-directly from the sea with a little lemon that is eaten by hand. Afterwards, you will reward your palate with a traditional mussel risotto, also with a glass of top-quality local white wine. The kind owner of the farm can tell you a lot of interesting things not only about shellfish, but also about the Mali Ston Channel, which will give you an unforgettable eno-gastro experience.


№2 in 8 Oysters and shells from Mali Ston
№680 in 1804 Oysters and shells from Croatia
Phone: 098 905 1821

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Oysters and shells


Mali Ston



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Put od Siga 5 20230, Ston Hrvatska


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very good!!!
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