Church of St. Micael


Church of St. Michail located at Sutmiho in Miholje polje, west of Babino Polje. Archaeological excavations have uncovered several tombs, and today it is considered a sacred architectural heritage.

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Place Location

20225, Babino Polje


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very good!!!
The fascinating thing about our visit to the was the altar that we saw. The altar was made of a high quality and have been preserved well in the church. Lovely place to visit.
The entrance of this church was mesmerizing. Its interior baroque style is something that cannot be described. I loved touring this place and its compound was spacious enough to relax in.
The marble altar of this church was eye catching. Seeing the figures of St. Jerome and St. Cyril was thrilling. Despite being built in the ancient days it is in perfect condition
The Gothic structure of the church is catchy and was the fascinating thing that i enjoyed on seeing when i visited the church. My tour was a success with a photo of the beautifully designed church.
The beautiful stretch that leads to the church was great and we enjoyed a stroll as we were heading to the church. The peaceful place and the amazing park is therapeutic and has a relaxing and refreshing experience.
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