Secret Beach Zuljana


Secret Beach Zuljana is located in the eponymous place on the Peljesac peninsula. The locals popularly call it a hidden beach because it is not accessible by land but only by the sea. Near the beach is Vučine Bay, which is a beautiful park, and above the beach is the top of St. John with 469 meters above sea level. Above the beach there is a large steep cliff covered with low Mediterranean vegetation from which the rocks fall directly into the sea. The sea is clean, clear, deep and of supreme purity, and invites you to dive and explore the rich underwater world. Although difficult to access, the beach is a popular destination, not only for boaters, but also for tourists and locals who swim to it. If you are an excellent swimmer and love adventures and recreation, we definitely recommend that you stop by this fairytale beach.

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I enjoyed the boat ride to this beach that can only be accessed via sea, it is next to a beautiful park. The sea is clean, clear and deep suitable for diving exploration ad hence ideal for diving enthusiasts, It is a popular destination despite its difficulty to acccess but will still give you a nice time and an adventorous experience.
Traveled by sea with my workmates and we passed by the beach since it is only accesible by sea. if you love adventure then this should be on your traveling list. We discovered some secret caves and capture amazing sunsets. The village is truly a true gem.
I was awed by the beauty of the entities in this location. I got to experience Vucine Bay, which is a beautiful park near the beach. I also toured the top of St. John that is 469 metres above sea level. It was a great experience engaging in these activities.
very good!!!
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