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Lirica beach is located in Zuljana on the Peljesac peninsula, not far from the beautiful bay Vuchine. We recommend coming to the beach by car, as it is not within walking distance if you are traveling from Zuljana. But for those who love recreation it can be a great trip! From Zuljana, head across the bay of Vucina, over the top of St. John down to the beach. The beach has a beautiful view, namely it is actually a large cliff that falls steeply to the shore and the sea. The beach is sandy with fine pebbles, and the entrance to the sea is gentle and shallow, although it quickly becomes deep. Above the beach there is a grove, and on the beach there are several places that are sheltered by natural shade from strong sunlight. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need for your vacation. If you still decide to find refreshment in one of the cafes or restaurants, the center of Zuljana is not far.

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My son and i toured the hidden crevices in this beach and discovered a diverse collection of aquatic inhabitants. I also enjoyed relaxing on top of the rocks, while basking in the beautiful sun. I will visit again soon with my wife and daughter.
My collegemates and I enjoyed our vacation especially at the beach where we did sea kayaking on the turqoise blue sea. We loved the natural feel of the beach and captured every single moment around. Best experience ever.
The view from this beach is wonderful and lets you really appreciate the sea in all its glory, it is located on a cliff that falls steeply to the shore and the sea. This sandy beach that has fine pebbles too offers natural shade in some parts and has a grove nearby. Best you carry everything you may need for a visit, refreshments can be found in the nearby center of Zuljana.
very good!!!
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