Nudist Beach Grdni Do


Grdni Do beach is a beautiful smaller beach located on Peljesac. The beach has a pebble character which makes it suitable for young people and families with children. The proximity of the center of Zuljana makes it easily accessible, and you will also find all the facilities and facilities you are looking for in the immediate vicinity. A suitable addition to the beach are benches where you can sit in the shade of tall palm trees.


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We had fun visiting this place the weather here is very awesome and I really loved the atmosphere. The beach has cute pebbles and suitable shade from the tall palm trees. There are also facilities that are easily found nearby.
I have been to several beaches but one unique thing about this beach were the benches placed on the beach. That was a fantastic addition for those who don't want to sit on the sand. The place is beautiful too
The beach is beautiful from the presence of pebbles around it with colourful appearance. The pub around also had a variety of hard drinks and cocktails which were perfect to quench the thirst from the hot weather
very good!!!
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