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Borak beach is located in Potomje on the Peljesac peninsula. Although the center of Potomje is located on a hill, in the interior, the beach stretches along the length of the tourist-apartment complex on the coast. The beach is made up of a combination of fine gravel and sand, and the seabed as well. The entrance to the sea is gentle and suitable for all ages, the beach is popular with tourists and locals, so do not be surprised if you encounter a crowd. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to protect yourself from the sun. Also, there are no additional facilities or facilities, but you will find everything you are looking for in the immediate vicinity.

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I had a great time walking along the beach and discovering different forms of life, ranging from the scant vegetation to the different creatures living in the sand and walking towards the beach. I took several photos and placed them in a catalog.
I loved that the beach is easily accessible. There is Mediterranean vegetation and the sea here is deep and warm its entrance is gentle and shallow. The beach and the seabed are covered with small pebbles. There is one beach bar that has enough drinks and refreshments that i made my stay even better.
Borak beach is characterized by pebbles and the availability of tall pine trees created a nice-cooling atmosphere. The view is picturesque and the sea is clear, warm and clean. I really loved the place.
very good!!!
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