Pichan was inhabited in early prehistoric times. The oldest parts of the fortified town on the hill, the Histri tribe were located on the hill of Kalvarija, on the north part of the modern city. After that the city was probably inhabited by the Celtic tribe Secusa.In Roman times, probably in the same strategically important place, there was a military stronghold and the settlement of Petina.

Some authors have associated the town of Pichan with the name Pucinium, which Pliny and Ptolemy mention as the name of a fortress in central Istria, known for its excellent wine even at the Roman court. Livia, the wife of Emperor Augustus, believed that her longevity was attributed to the fact that she would drink only this wine, and you can see this even today by tasting premium local wines.

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A tour around the place led us to some of the amazing places that hide within the island. We went for the bike ride that was refreshing and got to see the streets and the landmarks that occur at the place. It was fascinating and remarkable to have the experience.
The historical sites at Pican are wonderful with the churches that we were amazed with and had a perfect time having a little prayer that was comforting and uplifting spiritually.
The beautiful place is sorrounded by different architectural buildings and i was fascinated by the structures at the place. I was gazing at the gorgeous buildings and it was remarkable.
The viewpoints at Pican are amazing and we were fascinated by the beautiful landscape that is at the place with the catchy terrain and the wonderful green vegetation.
We had the chance of having a nature walk at Pican and it was lovely and memorable with every bit with the hiking trail being wonderful and we had alot of fun with my friends.
We toured the art gallery centres and this was the perfect decision for us since we had a great time at the place and enjoyed the lovely art works. Remarkable.
I came to this place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It a quiet surrounding and lush greenery made me feel at peace. I loved the smell of the countryside and the sweet scent of fresh flowers. I enjoyed my stay.