The small village of Cerovlje consists of several smaller hamlets, located along the northern border of the Istrian peninsula.
Walking through this area you will easily find the ruins of countless cities and castles that have been built and destroyed over the centuries. Namely, the settlement existed as early as the 13th century, when this area was ruled by the Aquileian patriarchs. It was first mentioned by its name, as Cerovlje, in 1325 in the Istrian divorce.
After the settlement of the Roman Empire and the takeover of most of Istria, the development of churches and stronger defenses led to the destruction of smaller villages in the area. .
Of course, there are plenty of natural beauties and sights in all directions, so here you can taste getting to know the place by walking. As home to some of the finest wines in the Mediterranean, Cerovlje is covered with native vineyards.

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