In the interior of Istria, halfway between the towns of Pazin and Buzet, Draguch is located. It is located almost in the middle of nowhere and is nestled on the ridge of the surrounding hills. Because of the multitude of films shot here and the movie stars who have walked its streets, it is often called - "Istrian Hollywood". But Draguch is much more than just a backdrop. The sublime variety of frescoed churches and their sacral treasures are the target of curious hikers, and comfortable accommodation facilities provide the opportunity for you to be in the main role of your vacation.

Modern Draguch was created around the eponymous medieval castle, which today is almost completely integrated into the architecture of later periods. However, there was an even older Draguch, about 2 km to the east, on the very top of the highest hill in this part of Istria. This hill is called Stari Draguch, and previous research has shown that it is a Bronze Age Illyrian fort. Stari Draguch stands out among them for its position at as much as 503 m above sea level.
Draguch was first mentioned in 1102 as Dravuie in the gift of the Istrian Margrave Ulrich to the Aquileian patriarchs, and later, as part of the future Pazin principality, it belonged to the counts of Gorichko, so in 1374, together with the whole The Habsburgs.

Today in this picturesque place and its surroundings you can enjoy the natural beauty, and the many sights that have taken place throughout the rich history. For the complete beauty of the Draguch experience, we also recommend that you visit the interior of at least one of the four beautiful Draguch churches.

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The Churches that we visited at the place were amazing with the wonderful architectural structure and had a chance to pray at the churches for cleansing.
Morning walks at the streets of Draguch at sunrise was beautiful and thearputic with the lovely atmosphere that is relaxing and theraputic.
The Historical story of the place is backed with the historical sites and places that indicates it and they are lovely places to visit.
The Hotels and accommodations were top notch that provided exquisite services that we enjoyed and the modern places that was comfortable.
The traditional foods and the delicacy was amazing that we had at every eat point we went. Memorable moments.
very good!!!